Welcome to Skyshine Executive School, where we Enhance the Power of Knowledge!
At Skyshine, we believe that every child has the potential to become whatever they want in life.  With appropriate resources, the potential can conveniently be converted to reality.

For this reason, Skyshine strives to provide appropriate resources and an environment that guarantees that each child achieves their full potential.  The resources include state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, and other learning materials.  This is complemented by a highly trained and fully qualified staff that are motivated enough to see to it that the child becomes what they aspire to become.

The School is offering the new CBC curriculum for Primary School and will extend the same to the High School.

The school opens its doors to the first group of students in January 2021.

The school combines a number of strategies to ensure that students learn in an exciting, interesting and captivating environment that is relaxed yet motivating.  The strategies include online classes, videos and video games, actual physical activities and mental activities.  This is in addition to the traditional methods of learning prescribed by the Ministry of Education.

Meet the Staff:
Dr. Jane Kimathi - Director: 
Chief Principal - To be unveiled
Headteacher - Secondary Section - To be unveiled
Dr. George Kimathi - Director
Headteacher - Primary Section - To be unveiled
Skyshine Executive School
Off Mati Road (Ishiara-Meru Road)
email: admin@skyshine.co.ke
Tel: +254 723 412755